NGO BIOS is one of the leader in the area of environmental protection, sustainable agriculture and community development in the Republic of Moldova.

NGO BIOS devotes all its efforts to the improvement of the environment and life conditions of the people of Moldova based on sustainable development principles.

NGO BIOS is a member of the International Union of Soil Sciences and the World Association of Soil and Water Conservation. NGO BIOS is accredited to United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification.

NGO BIOS started its activity in 1993 and was registered in February 1995. Since 1995 BIOS developed into an organization carrying out a wide range ofactivities in the country. The main directions of the Organization™s activity are as follows:

Research and Development comprising analysis of the ecological, economical and social situation in the country under different aspects for identifying the most affected zones, for finding out the optimal procedures foramelioration depending on specific climate, relief, soil conditions, local features and for recommending them toother areas with similar problems.

Sustainable Development Activities comprising practical works for soil, water and biodiversity conservation, mobilizing the resources for poverty alleviation improvement of social and economic conditions of people, for promoting sustainable consumption patterns, developing partnerships with local and international organizations and entities.

Training, Education and Awareness Building in environmental protection, sustainable agriculture and community development The actions include development of training materials for various age groups and categories, training courses, workshops, seminars, round tables, conferences; publication of bulletins, brochures, books, leaflets, etc.

NGO BIOS members and staff acquired expertise in modern methods of training and education in various training programmes. The acquired expertise was practically employed in development and delivery of participatory training events for farmers and for extension and training providers of NGOs working in the rural areas, including the National Farmers™ Federation of Moldova.

BIOS has developed and successfully implemented various programs and projects in the main areas of activity. Within projects and programmes carried out by BIOS a number of social, economic, ecologic and gender studies and surveys, monitoring and evaluation of programs and projects were implemented. NGO BIOS developed and published over 60 publications and 2 video films.

NGO BIOS was involved in implementation of activities within projects of World Bank/GEF, UNDP/GEF, TACIS,including development of Communication Strategy, Plan of Actions for education, training and information, training in good agricultural practices, evaluation of socio-economic and environmental impact, etc.

Assistance of rural partners through dissemination of knowledge, acquisition of skills and proliferation of good practices in rural community development, sustainable agriculture, preservation and rational use of resources, as well as personal development of our beneficiaries, is an important area of NGO BIOS work.



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